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What is an affiliate?
  Affiliates are website owners that drive traffic to our website and are paid on a Pay Per Sale (PPS) basis.  
How much will I make as an affiliate?  
  We have two commission payments - $10 per sale and 50% per sale. If you are a website owner, you will earn $10 for every visitor you send to our website that subscribes to eZpZemail. If you sign up a second tier affiliate to our program, you can also earn 50% of their commission for every sale they make. See FAQ below for more information. If you are a member of our associate program signing up schools and churches to our affiliate program, then you will earn $5 for every sale made. The reason you earn less per sale is because website owners have made an investment in generating traffic and building their websites. Also for every school or church you sign up, you have the opportunity to make multiple repeat sales year in and year out. Whether you are an affiliate or associate, how much you earn is really down to how much relevant traffic you or your second tier affiliate can send to our site. Every responsible parent needs our product for their children. Based on our personal research, over 95% of parents have not yet implemented parental controlled email. The market is huge.
How do I sign up Second Tier Affiliates?  
  Signing up a second tier affiliate is relatively straight forward. You will need to send them an email with a link, which will forward them to the eZpZemail home page, where they can then sign up their affiliate account. Cut and paste the standard linking code, which you will find on the top right hand side in your screen, into your recruitment email to your potential second tier affiliates. When they click on the link, they will be directed to eZpZemail home page, from which they will sign up their affiliate account. If you want to send them to the Affiliate Landing Page instead, you will need to create a "Custom Keyword Links” in the "Affiliate Marketing" section on the left of your screen. Click on "Custom Keyword Links". Then scroll down on the arrow to the right of the “Incoming Page” box.
Click on “#8 /affiliate.php”. Enter “Affiliate” in the “New keyword:” box and click the “Create Keyword Link” button. Your Affiliate link will appear in the box below. Cut and paste this link into your recruitment email to your potential second tier affiliates, and when they click on the link, they will be directed to the Affiliate Landing Page, from which they will sign up their affiliate account. Any questions, please email and we will be pleased to help you.
Can I bulk email?  
  eZpZemail does not condone bulk emailing (spamming) email addresses where people have clearly not opted in to receive emails from the sender. If we receive complaints, we reserve the right to revoke your rights as an affiliate and withold any outstanding commissions owed.
Why do I need a Pay Pal account?  
  Our affiliate software takes advantage of a special feature in Pay Pal called mass pay. This means that we can guarantee to pay all affiliates on time, every time the correct amount of commission owed. It lowers our admin costs meaning that we can be more competitive in the market.  
What statistics can I view?  
  In the Account Overview section on the left of your screen, you can view real-time, 24/7 statistics and reporting. When you click on “General Statistics” you can view a) your commission broken down into how many transactions have taken place, your standard & 2nd Tier earnings, and total earnings and b) traffic statistics broken down into visitors, unique visitors, total sales and sales ratio. When you click on “2nd Tier Statistics” you can view how many accounts your 2nd Tier affiliate has sold and your commissions earned. When you click on “Payment History” you can view your payment date, amount paid and number of sales. When you click on “Commission Details” you can view the commissions that are pending approval. When you click on “Incoming Traffic Log” you can view your incoming traffic log.  
How does the tracking system work?  
  Very simply, when you sign up to our affiliate program, you will receive your unique affiliate referral id. This referral id is imbedded in the affiliate collateral, such as text ads, email links, and promotional codes. So, when a customer comes to our site from your site and subscribes to eZpZemail, our software then credits your affiliate account.  
What affiliate management program do you use?  
  We use iDevAffiliate v4.0 the industry leader in self-managed affiliate tracking software since 1999.
How long will it take for my second tier affiliate to become live?  
  We have to approve all first tier and second tier affiliates. As soon as we approve your second tier affiliate, you will see them reflected in iDEV.
Who do I contact if I have a problem?
  In the first instance, email We will endeavour to respond within 24 hours. If you need to urgently speak with someone, please call one of the following numbers: UK + 44(0) 870 141 7123 US +1 305 767 4755 Caribbean +1 242 357 3520
When Do I Get Paid?
  Affiliates who have a balance of more than $200 in their affiliate account, will get paid on the 21st of each month. This applies whether you have elected to be paid through PayPal or by cheque.
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