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Net Nanny
EZPZEMAIL have partnered with NETNANNY to bring you a FANTASTIC OFFER. Buy the all new Netnanny 5.6 today from this page, and GET 25% OFF THE NETNANNY RETAIL PRICE AND GET A YEAR'S FAMILY SUBSCRIPTION FREE TO EZPZEMAIL WORTH $30. After you have purchased NetNanny, simply email us a copy of your receipt to We will then credit your eZpZemail account for one full year.Make sure that you use the same email address to open your eZpZemail parental account that you use to register with Netnanny. If you are going to buy NetNanny 5.6, then you may as well buy it DIRECT FROM NETNNY, save 25% and get a years subscription to EZPZEMAIL by clicking the banner below. It's a NO-BRAINER! 25% off NetNAnny, double the protection. Now works with Windows Vista and IE7.



Buy Net Nanny Parental Controls and Save 25%.

Protect kids against hate literature, pornography, pedophiles, and other inappropriate information or persons on the Internet with Net Nanny
Important Net Nanny features:
Block illicit, obscene and other objectionable material
Limit the time your kids spend online according to your rules
Search over a billion web pages and return porn-free results
Monitor activity and send you daily e-mail reports
  "Net Nanny has protected my family online since my daughter turned seven. It is the parental control software of choice!"
Mark Brown - eZpZemail co-founder

Net Nanny is the perfect partner to eZpZemail. In fact having one without the other is like locking the front door, but leaving the windows open! Net Nanny is great for youngsters of all ages, from their first taps on a keyboard to their eighteenth birthday.

Net Nanny is the only parental control software that includes family-safe filtered search, an Internet monitor, web site filtering, time limits, chat recording, newsgroup blocking, and privacy controls.

This award-winning Internet filter protects kids by giving parents control over what comes into and goes out of their homes. Net Nanny is easy to install and configure and works with virtually any Windows computer.

Net Nanny is the best known parental control solution for good reason. It has the broadest feature set of any product and has the most flexible, customizable controls. You can truly relax knowing that your children are protected by the leading parental control software, Net Nanny

Click Here to buy now or for a free trial of Net Nanny.
Activity Logs Private Information Time Limits
Record every web site, newsgroup, chat room, and Internet application your kids use. Receive e-mail summaries of activities and violations. Prevent children from giving out your address, phone number, credit card information, and other personal information. Protects your children's identities. Set individual time limits for each child. Limit the number of hours per day they can use, or lock-down the Internet when kids cannot be supervised.
Web Site Lists Content Filtering Block Internet Apps
View and edit all lists used for keyword filtering and web site blocking. Net Nanny is the only parental control available that gives you complete control and visibility of all block and permitted lists. Use the Internet filter to remove objectionable words and phrases from chat, web sites, and newsgroup postings. Mask obscene words. Block kids' ability to use Internet games, instant messaging, and file sharing. Go beyond Internet filtering by controlling the applications your kids use
Monitor IRC Activity Consequences Block newsgroups
Block, monitor and record chat conversations in IRC. Use in conjunction with time limits to keep kids safe from late-night chat predators. Use Net Nanny's parental controls to specify customized consequences for your kids' violations. Block web sites, display warnings only, shut down applications, or quietly monitor all activity. Control kids' use of newsgroups where they will find obscene material, sexual predators, and other dangerous content
Access Override Internet Ratings  
Want to block Internet applications but allow special "kid safe" versions you've installed? Use Access Override to permit applications that are blocked by Net Nanny's Internet filter. Restrict kids' access to only those web sites rated by ICRA or SafeSurf for their age group. < Click Here to buy now or for a free trial of Net Nanny.
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