5 Potential Problems If You Don’t Replace Your Air Filter

Getting the best air quality for your home or workplace can be as easy as replacing your aircon filters. Those who ignore filter replacement risk overworking their airconditioning systems, diminishing indoor air quality and higher electricity bill.

There are so many pollutants floating in the air such as pet dander, flakes of skin and residues from cooking, just to name a few. Replacing your aircon’s filters is one of the most important but often forgotten home maintenance tasks. Since we want to keep our home’s indoor air quality at its best and avoid expensive aircon repair, consider changing your filters every 70 to 90 days.

Having worked with aircon servicing companies around Singapore to fix defective machine, here are eight harmful effects that you might encounter if you delay your home AC repair.

1. Unreasonably Higher Energy Costs

A dirty filter will make your entire AC system work harder than it normally does to cool the air inside your home. This naturally means that it is eating up more electricity than it usually would with a clean air filter, which results to higher than normal electricity bill.

In fact, according to aircon servicing experts, an unmaintained aircon filter can increase energy usage of every home of around 15 percent.

2. Cooling of Air Is Uneven and Takes Longer

Your AC unit moves the air inside your home. If your air filter is loaded with dust, the ability of your aircon to move the air around the space diminishes.

Did you notice uneven cooling around your house—some areas are warmer while other parts are cooler? Depending on the distance of the space from the AC unit, cold air needs to travel through ductwork. With blocked air passages, rooms further from the unit will likely stay warm because the push of cool air is not strong enough to reach these areas, while nearer areas from the AC get the majority of the cooling.

3. Indoor Air Becomes Stagnant

Since the air cannot move around efficiently due to clogged filter, pollutants and particles sit in the same surfaces and fall into areas you may not see. Wiping down tables, chairs and other surfaces to remove dust is not enough, especially if using store-bought cleaning sprays. The ingredients in these cleaners only add up to the pollutants floating in the air.

When there are too much pollutants and moisture is present in the air, other problems may arise, such as growth of disease-causing bacteria and molds that can be extremely stubborn to remove.

4. Allergen Build-Up

If anyone in the house suffers from respiratory allergies or asthma, the more it is important to keep the air clean. Dirty filters can cause build-up of allergen in your AC’s duct system, and they will linger in there until you get an aircon servicing professional to have your filters checked and replaced.

Whenever you have your aircon running, those allergens will then be released into the air, letting everyone at home inhale them. In addition to the allergens, build-up of molds may also occur, and turning on the AC could also mean releasing molds into the air you breathe.

How Air Filter Protects Your AC

The moment your Singapore AC expert instate new cooling system, its air filter works to essentially protect the mechanism of your airconditioning system. Your service crew will _install aircon at your premise and may share some air conditioner cleaning tips, including how to clean the air filter.

You need sufficient amount of airflow to keep your system running and functioning well. That is why you should replace air filters as often as required by your manufacturer and to have regular aircon maintenance to ensure that your AC is running efficiently. If the filter gets too clogged up with dust build-up, it will stop the air from smoothly flowing into the AC system and hamper circulation of clean air in your home.

Keeping Your AC Maintained

Other than regular replacement of filters, the optimum solution to ensure that your AC system is always running in its best condition is to have it regularly checked by a reliable aircon servicing company in Singapore.

Your aircon expert from Singapore will determine if the air filter already needs to be replaced or how to treat it if you have a reusable one. With a reusable filter, the aircon maintenance staff will likely suggest to regularly clean it by simply rinsing the filter with water and having it air dried before putting it back in to your AC unit. Do not slide in a wet filter into the unit or you will have to deal with ice formation later on, or even wipe the air filter dry or you will damage its delicate parts and surfaces.

As a final tip, never let your aircon run with clogged filter—or worse, without a filter. Running your AC without or a too dirty air filters is just asking for aircon repair issues. Have your filters replaced regularly, or clean it—if using a reusable one—in times when you would not need your AC running, such as during cooler nights.